Thank you for your continued patronage.

Our company was founded as an installation and production company of air conditioning and duct facilities for buildings, tenants, facilities, etc.

It is a specialized company aiming at professional group of air conditioning and duct.

Thanks to air conditioning and duct installation and production as pillars

We are working hard every day to meet all your air conditioning needs.

Currently, air-conditioning equipment is environmentally friendly energy-saving models, safety management, environmental design, etc.

It keeps evolving according to the times and customer needs.

In response to the evolution of such equipment, we aim to provide a comfortable space with the aim of further improving our technical and construction capabilities.

I feel it is our mission.

Sapporo Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. aims to make further progress as an air conditioning professional group.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Sapporo Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.President

Yoshiaki Yamamoto